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Building great hair requires time, effort, and routine, no one is "born with it." Living in the word of sun, sand, pools, and sea can damage your hair. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to prevent both summertime and wintertime damage.

We have a solution!

Great News: The Cliove Keratin Smoothing Solution can be used on hair that has been colored or highlighted.




  • Brittle or Split Ends

  • Breakage

  • Humidity Frizz

  • Flat Lifeless Locks / Hat Hair

  • Straw like Strands (dryness)

  • Static

  • Dry, Itchy Scalp

  • Color Fading

Why Cliove Keratin?


Cliove Keratin treatments can soften the cuticle to reduce frizz and curl. It temporarily helps to repair the damage, making the hair smoother, shinier, and healthier. It blocks humidity and prevents frizz. Clients receiving this treatment experierience super manageability, and significantly reduced blow dry and styling time!

It’s finally here. Nature in Beauty presents its newest nourishing hair care products, EMERA CBD. This CBD-infused hair care product line has been gaining in popularity since researchers thought if CBD oil is good for skin, why not for hair, too., CBD, the same oil from the hemp plant, not the THC from the marijuana plant. This has become a new revolution in skin and hair care.



  • Hemp Seed Oil – Rich in essential fatty acids to provide hair with key nutrients that help give hair a shinier appearance.

  •  Avocado Oil - Ultra-hydrating and protective against environmental stresses.

  •  Chamomile, Peppermint & Green Tea – A soothing and conditioning blend packed with antioxidants to help strengthen, nourish, and protect hair.

  •  Lemongrass – A color-protecting extract that helps hair maintain its vibrancy.

Healthy Hair begins with a healthy scalp, and CBD is an essential ingredient in providing nourishment and balance to your scalp. It contains all 21 known amino acids, and is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants!


All EMERA hair care products are sulfate-free, and contain ingredients that help to prolong hair color

OXO Organic Smoothing Treatment
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Say Goodbye to Harsh Chemicals with OXO Organic - The Safe and Innovative Hair Smoothing Treatment for a Natural Look


OXO Organic is the only safe smoothing treatment for hair that provides a natural look. It uses a low pH formula that does not contain harsh chemicals such as Formaldehyde and glycolic Acid, Ammonia, or Sulfur, making it safe for all. The product is applied to the hair, 100% shampooed out and then ironed, eliminating the risk of inhaling vapors or exposing the hair to polluting chemicals during the heating process. OXO Organic transforms coarse, frizzy, and curly hair to smooth, straight, and shiny hair while preserving the hair's integrity.


The treatment can be done once in 4-8 months, depending on the kind of hair you have and when you feel you need to do the roots.

  • OXO is permanent and does not break down or dissolve.

  • No need to dry your hair – just wash and go.

  • Smooths and nourish all hair types.

  • You can safely & freely swim in the ocean or in the pool.

  • Nourishes dry hair, and restores damaged hair.

  • Can be done during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • The renewal of the treatment is done only on new roots that grow.

  • Works for all hair types!

Discover the life-changing experience of a permanent solution for smoothing curls and restoring damaged hair.

Onesta Hair Care was developed as an alternative to products that use potentially harmful chemicals in their formulations. Due to these products, our bodies are now being asked to make adjustments to new chemicals– synthetic creations not found anywhere in nature. It may take human beings many generations to adjust to these chemicals, and in the meantime, cause harm to our hair and skin.

Onesta will never use these substances in any of its hair care products. We know your hair can be it's most beautiful when you treat it with the care of natural organic botanicals.

We love these products and know that you will as well.


Here’s what you can count on in

Innersense Organic Beauty formulations:


Ingredients straight from nature, grown organically and sustainably without chemicals. Ethically harvested and sourced from trusted, transparent plantations, orchards and farms from around the world. 

Formulated through conscious chemistry; cold-pressed, distilled, or otherwise processed without synthetics to preserve purity. Formulated free of phthalates, ethoxylates, sulfates, silicones, 1,4 dioxane, parabens, petro compounds, propylene and butylene glycol, PEG, MEA, TEA, MIA, EDTA artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. High concentrations of key ingredients mean less water. 

Gluten-free, cruelty-free and non-GMO

Everyone has a vision of their perfect hair: Gorgeously kinky or superbly straight, luxuriously flowing or cutely cropped, beautifully natural, or courageously colored. But when your hair is dry, damaged, or dull, it can feel like perfection is completely out of reach. How do you go from the hair you have to the hair you love? We have the secret to getting it right! Just as us what we recommend for your hair!

Intelligent Nutrients - Skincare


Many conventional ingredients deliver in the short-term but deep down set off a cycle of inflammation overdrive. IN uses the safest ingredients that are scientifically proven to deliver results, without sacrificing the skin’s own defenses. 

  • TREATMENTS - Serums and oils that harness the natural beautifying power of plants with clinically proven results...

  • MOISTURIZE - Replenish, protect, and rejuvenate skin with the most potent plant-based ingredients on the planet...

  • EXFOLIATE - Resurface and brighten your complexion without dryness or irritation...

  • CLEANSE - Gentle plant-based cleansers with beyond-clean benefits and no harsh ingredients.


Flora Liquid Foundation * Flora Powder Foundation * Flora Lipstick

Flora Mascara

Made in Australia, Zuii Organic Flora Makeup has embraced the essence of nature with a unique blend of certified organic flora products and ingredients to nurture, protect and improve the health of your skin and the earth. With Zuii Organic Makeup you can create a stunningly beautiful look that was previously unavailable with organic makeup and required using makeup made with harmful chemicals. Zuii makeup products are made from safe ingredients like organic flower petals, including Certified Organic Rose, Chamomile, and Jasmine.  Not tested on animals. No petrochemicals. No parabens. No talc.

Call to set up an appointment for a complimentary makeup application. You will love our Zuii products!

Our newest Polish - Côte!

All bottles of polish aren't created equally. Get your mani-pedi fix with a formula that is pretty inside and out, an option sans nasties like formaldehyde and camphor (and made in adherence with cruelty-free practices).

Without harsh chemicals and irritants, there's no yellowing of the nail bed, but most importantly there are no toxins leaching into your bloodstream or nervous systems.


Do you want nails that have gone from splitting, spelling, and leukonychia ridden to strong and bright, and best of all, they will actually look healthy - even without the polish.

Our nail lacquers are vegan, cruelty-free & 12 Free: Formulated without Touline, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, MEHQ/HQ, MIT, Parabens, Animal Derived Ingredients or Gluten..

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Beautiful polish with shades that range from pale pink to pearly white, with a variety of dazzling green, blue, and purple tones in between.


You will LOVE Côte!


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We know what it's like to exist in a world that believes only straight hair can have fun. We get the frustration of not knowing which products work best to cleanse, moisturize and shape your curls. We know the ABC's and 123's from 3S to 4C and developed an elevated curly care line to control your curls with the best ingredients in the market.

Vicious Curl was founded with a simple objective in mind: determination for high-quality, high-performing hair care products exclusively for curly hair. With leading experience in the hair care industry for 30 years, Joel Warren learned what to look for in products, techniques and tools to correctly work with your natural curl. Through this insight, he brought a visionary outlook to a line of products specifically formulated with curly women in mind.  

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